MT4 Balance Update

What is MT4 Balance Update? MT4 Balance Update is a fast and reliable way to update client balances in bulk by using CSV files.

Avoid mistakes in balance changes by manually adjusting clients' balances in MT4 Manager. Consolidate balance updates into batches according to your accounting policies, whether it's once or multiple times a day, mitigating risks associated with balance updates. MT4 Balance Update is a monthly subscription software as a service. It does not require any plugin installation on the MT4 server. All balance updates are done using a Manager API.

Upon ordering this service, the broker will receive dedicated logins to Client Portal where they can update balances uploading a CSV file to selected predefined MT4 servers using their own manager login details and keeping an audit trail of every balance update.

MT4 Balance Update

Update format

The CSV contains the following fields which correspond to appropriate values in MT4:

  • Login - user account login ID;
  • Type - marked as Balance to indicate the balance update;
  • Amount - numeric value of balance change, eg. 5000.00 or -5000.00 to increase or decrease the balance of a certain user in their deposit currency;
  • Comment - Latin letters text and/or numeric comment of the transaction, limited to 31 characters.
CSV Format Example

Requirements and permissions

MT4 Balance Update requires MT4 Accountant permissions for the MT4 manager credentials used. Administrator access is not required for updating balances.

The service is accessible through our Client Portal and connects to your MT4 servers using a Manager API, therefore it does not require any plugin installation on the MT4 servers.

Free trial and set-up

A free trial is available using your MT4 demo or test environment.

After receiving the trial request we will set-up an account on our system and send you the necessary details.


All prices are per one MT4 live environment. Demo and test environments are included free of charge. Prices may be subject to taxes for customers registered in the European Union.

We offer custom pricing structures for brokers with more than three live environments.

MT4 Balance Update

Balance update service per one MT4 live environment.

350 USD per month

MT4 Balance Update
+ MT4 Swap Update

Both two services combined per one MT4 live environment.

500 USD per month