Products overview

Process breakdown

Our product is intricate but designed to be simple at the same time. services are built on native MT4 Manager API for best compatibility and efficiency. Connection to broker's MT4 is made with credentials provided by the broker's delegated user, making it easy to audit any changes introduced by the broker's staff. A basic overview of how the product works is outlined below.


An authorised member of the broker's staff logs into Client Portal with access to subscribed services.

Users select from subscribed services, choose a predefined target MT4 server, enter MT4 login details and upload the appropriate CSV file. validates the CSV file.

MT4 server makes a connection to one of the predefined MT4 servers using MT4 credentials provided by the broker and sends all the data uploaded in the CSV file to the MT4 using Manager API calls.

Upload results are collected using manager API and stored within the Client Portal. Full history of activity, uploads, processed data and MT4 results are retrievable by the broker for later use.

Advantages & Features

Our products are easy to use

Easy to navigate user interface with no need to know the nuts and bolts of MT4 server. Simple upload of CSV files with a predefined format. Execution result available immediately after upload.

Fast and low latency

Connection to MT4 server is established using native Manager API, allowing ultra low latency and making it possible to create even thousands of MT4 accounts with a single upload.

We are trustworthy

We offer very high uptime and we are always available should you ever need our help. That is why happy customers from around the world trust us. We have clients from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; Toronto, Canada and London, UK.

It works cross-platform is web-based. All you need is a web browser. Our portal is compatible with most modern web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, whether you use Apple Mac, Windows PC or a tablet. No additional software is needed to be installed on devices using the services nor the MT4 server itself.

We have locations around the world

For optimal performance and minimal down time, our servers are located in state of the art Equinix Data Centres in London, Sydney and New York.

Security is our priority

Access to is available only from the broker's predefined IP addresses and is secured with SSL certificate to ensure security and integrity of the data being transferred. Each upload requires the broker to login to their MT4 server to establish connections to MT4 servers as we do not use stored login data. On every transaction the broker performs extensive logging is done for auditing purposes and is viewable in the Activity History section of the Client Portal.