MT4 Bulk User Management

What is MT4 Bulk User Management? MT4 Bulk User Management is a tool that helps to open or modify user accounts on an MT4 server in bulk by using CSV files.

This solution allows the broker to open multiple accounts with a single CSV upload, as well as modify existing MT4 accounts. Options include pre-set or randomly generated passwords. Many other options are available to update information on existing MT4 accounts, such as mass address changes, enable/disable reports, change agent ID, etc. Bulk User Management is licensed per use. It does not require any plugin installation on the MT4 server. All bulk user updates are done using a Manager API.

Upon ordering this service, the broker will receive dedicated logins to Client Portal where they can manage users in bulk by uploading a CSV file to selected predefined MT4 servers using their own manager login details and keeping an audit trail of every bulk user update.

MT4 Bulk User Management

Update format

The CSV contains the following fields which correspond to appropriate values in MT4:

CSV Format Example

Account holder's details

  • LOGIN - MT4 Account Login;
  • GROUP - MT4 Group Name;
  • PASSWORD_PHONE - Password for the account holder's identification when trading by telephone;
  • NAME - Account holder's name;
  • COUNTRY - Account holder's country;
  • CITY - Account holder's city;
  • STATE - State, region or other political subdivision;
  • ZIPCODE - account holder's zip-code or postal code;
  • ADDRESS - account holder's mailing address;
  • PHONE - account holder's telephone number;
  • EMAIL - Account holder's email;
  • COMMENT - Account comment;
  • ID - Account holder's SIN, TIN, ITN, or other identification number;
  • LEVERAGE - Account's trading leverage;
  • AGENT_ACCOUNT - Account number of agent servicing the selected account;
  • PASSWORD - Account password;

Account settings

  • ENABLE - Enables/disables the account;
  • ENABLE_CHANGE_PASS - Permit/prohibit changing password;
  • ENABLE_READONLY - Permit trading or reading charts only;
  • STATUS - Status is the field where you should indicate resident/non-resident;
  • SEND_REPORTS - Allow/prohibit generation of daily reports to a certain account. In such a manner you can prohibit any account to generate reports even if a group the account is currently in is allowed to do it;
  • USER_COLOR - Color is the color the information about the account will be displayed with in the dealer's window when a new trading request comes from the account owner;

Additional account settings retrieved from MT4 after update

  • REGDATE - Account creation date;
  • LASTDATE - Last date of login to MT4;
  • BALANCE - Current balance in the account holder's deposit currency;
  • PREVMONTHBALANCE - Account holder's balance at the end of previous month;
  • PREVBALANCE - Account holder's balance at the end of previous day (at 23:59:59 MT4 time);
  • CREDIT - Account holder's current credit balance;
  • INTERESTRATE - Account holder's current interest rate;
  • TAXES - Account holder's current tax rate;

Requirements and permissions

MT4 Bulk User Management requires MT4 Manager, Accountant and Personal details access rights for the MT4 manager credentials used.

The service is accessible through our Client Portal and connects to your MT4 servers using a Manager API, therefore it does not require any plugin installation on the MT4 servers.

Free trial and set-up

A free trial is available using your MT4 demo or test environment.

After receiving the trial request we will set-up an account on our system and send you the necessary details.


All prices are per one MT4 live environment. Demo and test environments are included free of charge. Prices may be subject to taxes for customers registered in the European Union.

We offer custom pricing structures for brokers with more than three live environments.

1 bulk transaction on live MT4 environment

150 USD

3 bulk transactions on live MT4 environment

300 USD

5 bulk transactions on live MT4 environment

400 USD

10 bulk transactions on live MT4 environment

500 USD

25 bulk transaction on live MT4 environment

1,000 USD

Bulk transactions on demo or test MT4 environments

Free of charge